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Cultural Project — organization that advocates culture and builds powerful communities around the humanities at the level of:

  • Community built around the creation of local cultural product and regulating the balance between local and global product
  • City, having a local cultural context and audience creating in their turn local communities of cultural interaction. The City favors creation and revitalization of platforms for different types of cultural events targeting people with different background and abilities.  



A society in which culture becomes an instrument of complex change at the level of personality, family, communities and state.

A society in which the value of culture is beyond doubt:

  • A person who is open to new knowledge and is interested in cultural events,
  • Family and community who consciously choose cultural products for leisure
  • Municipal and state authorities that actively contribute to the creation and support of local cultural products



  • Bringing professional communities together: work with professional environment
  • Educational support: public comprehensive lecture courses, audience development, comprehensive primary and secondary school education in the humanities
  • Interdisciplinary educational programs: schools for media artists


Annual Report_2018